Spectacular Dive Sites St Croix, US Virgin Islands

Carval Rock

If you’re planning a dive trip to St. Croix, US Virgin Islands then here are ten dive sites we suggest you consider trying:

Carval Rock

You should descend onto the secluded southern region of this particular rock foundation, then go ahead and kick as hard as you can against the solid current that flows through 'The Cut’, a shallow, concealed passage that leads to the carval rock. Allow the current to take you all the way around the rock - 360 degrees - past extraordinary foundations and across a narrower canyon crammed with tarpon and baitfish. Along the east side of carval rock the sheer wall drops down to around 80 feet, plus the shallower coral beds that you will see when you return to the boat are excellent spots to search for octopus , nurse sharks and reef squid.

Skill level required to dive at Carval Rock: Intermediate

Butler Bay Wrecks

These are five distinctive wrecks that have been grouped together at St. Croix's north-western tip and can all be seen during one dive providing you move quickly. If you fancy taking it easier then split them over two dives, you will probably enjoy it more if you take your time. The deepest wreck is at 110 feet - The Rosaomaira, in addition, the Northwind, tops out at around 20 feet. This one was utilised as a TV prop in the 80’s movie Dreams of Gold: The Mel Fisher Story.

Skill level required to dive at Butler Bay Wrecks: Intermediate

French Cap

The French Cap is located on the southern side of St. Thomas; it can’t be reached on a regular basis because it is too far out, nevertheless, trips to do go out on special occasions when the weather is good. You can find a small number of dive spots here, the Pinnacle being one you must go and visit. A few rock spires appear from the bottom (95 feet) to around 40 feet. Barracuda and Jack’s go chasing groups of fish around the reef summit. Craggy crevices provide generous alcoves for octopus and green morays to hide away.

Skill level required to dive French Cap: Intermediate

St Croix Diving

Cow and Calf

These are sister dive sites and can be accessed easily from St. John or St. Thomas. They both have underwater playgrounds full with archways, an easy swim-through and gorges at a maximum depth of 45 feet. There is a tunnel filled with silversides ends at Cow Rock with 'The Champagne Cork’, a perpendicular opening where divers get popped out onto the nearby staghorn coral reef by surge. Try and spot a grey reef shark gliding around the border.

Skill level required to dive at Cow and Calf: Beginner

Frederiksted Pier

Macro life really thrives at this simplistic yet varied beach dive located at the west shore of St. Croix's. The sea depths go as far down as 50 feet when you get to the pier end, however, at 25 feet or below, you can see an amazing collection of difficult to locate critters such as frogfish, seahorses and batfish.

Skill level required to dive at Frederiksted Pier: Beginner

Congo Cay

Congo Cay begins in a wider sand passage where big stingrays reside and rummage around for a feed. Go along with your guide across a pillar of rock summits all the way to a gorgeous wall draped with coral. Dolphins occasionally glide their way along the sandy channels that surround the cay. Congo Cay has depths between 25 to 80 feet with all the greatest formations and sea life between the 35 and 60 feet mark.

Skill level required to dive at Congo Cay: Beginner to Intermediate

St Croix Diving

Eagle Shoals

Eagle Shoals isn’t visited that much, it is located at the eastern side of St. John and is well-known for 'The Cathedral', a huge, open chamber that can be easily accessed through numerous entryways. You must take a look up to view the array of sunlight that pours in from the sky when you dive here.

Skill level required to dive here: Beginner

Tunnels of Thatch

Tunnels of Thatch are on the northern part of Thatch Cay and are safe to dive when the surface is flat and calm which helps to keep the surge at the bottom. You'll wander your way around a windy path of tarpon-packed caverns and canyons and baitfish, then go and explore a slanting hillside at a depth of 25 to 40 feet.

Skill level required to dive at Eagle Shoals: Intermediate

WIT Shoal II

The WIT Shoal II is a 330 foot former tank and freighter disembarking ship that sunk due to a tropical storm in 1984. Six months afterwards she was towed all the way to her present location, Saba Island. WIT Shoal II is seated in an upright position at 90 feet and the pilothouse begins at 30 feet. Sponges and cup corals cover the entire ship, and companionways and open holds offer a bit of refuge to barracudas and groupers.

Skill level required to dive at WIT Shoal II: Intermediate

Salt River Canyon

Salt River Canyon is on the north shore at St. Croix's and is a top-kept secret when it comes to wall diving, plus the dive site has two walls that face one another through tranquil blue water. You will see crowds of reef fish swarming on the top of the walls, black coral and deeper-water sea fans stick to the deep-seated areas. Bigger creatures like black-tips and hammerheads occasionally make an appearance. You are likely to see Black Tip Reef Sharks here and even Hammerhead's have been spotted but don't worry you won't encounter any shark attacks like the news reports here great white shark attack here. You will however encounter great volumes of barracuda along with tonnes of smaller types of fish.

Skill level required to dive at Salt River Canyon: Intermediate to Advanced